Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Five Whats with APAK!

Every week I get really excited when I get my Five Whats answers back from artists/designers that I've been a fan of, and this week I give you APAK! from Portland, Oregon. When they are not busy working as illustrators, Ayumi and Aaron like to create cute paintings together. APAK! also sell their prints on Etsy, some of them are Gocco prints (yay!) Here are the Five Whats:

What did you have for breakfast?
We shared a perfectly ripened small pear, a big slightly under ripened banana, a small delicious apple with a spot of bruise. Also a cup of black tea from India and a bowl of cereal called Optimum Power!
What are your inspirations?
Nature, Animals including our dogs Peanut & Ocho, Artist friends, each other, the sun, and the 14 billion year old universe.
What is your all-time favorite piece of artwork by Apak?
Each show we seem to have a new favorite but so far we agree on our "Seasons" series of paintings with Happy Hermits and Fluffo. We like them because they remind us to pay attention to seasonal changes and live harmoniously with nature in celebration of life. Also they are special because Ayumi's dad suggested the idea of a seasons series... So they are actually 3 way collaboration!
What fun projects are you working on?
We're currently working on a show at Giant Robot in NY, which opens May 17th. There are going to be tons of magical crystals and rainbow clouds! The work is range from a tiny affordable paintings to big paintings, also sculptures too.

What are your favorite colors?
Well we like rainbow!
(bonus what) What are your hobbies?
We don't think we really have hobbies at the moment... We find ourselves working a lot and actually our work is our hobby. But when we take breaks, we like to go for a walk with our dogs in the woods. We like watching movies in bed and drinking tea at night. Experiment with plants in our yard when it's nice outside. We live very simply very much like little hermits.
images: APAK! (thanks guys!)

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