Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucy McKenzie

We went to MoMA over the weekend and as usual the blockbuster show (Van Gogh) was jam-packed, but this little show by Lucy McKenzie really stole my heart. For her debut exhibition at MoMA, McKenzie, with the help of textile/fashion artist Beca Lipscombe and illustrator Bernie Reid, transforms gallery space into a turn-of-the-century setting for the display of her own paintings and prints, which were recently acquired by MoMA. Lucy wanted to create a room-environment because her paintings are intended to be displayed in a decorated room, she went back to school to study trompe l'oeil painting for this installation. It is not hard to be upstaged by the beautifully decorated faux-room, but Lucy's wit in her works made this installation so enjoyable, I had fun looking at her paintings as well as the stenciled carpet and curtains. Check out the conversation with Lucy, Beca, and Bernie on YouTube.images: MoMA, YouTube

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