Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm a New Fan

I have not heard of Koralie until I saw the cute toy figures she's designed for Kidrobot, like the one from my last posting. My husband has met and worked with her and her equally talented husband- Supakitch, and I heard that they live just a couple blocks from us!

These pictures are from her exhibition in Paris called "
. I really love the intricate folkloric details in her work, her characters always have some serious braids and head dresses, they are definitely not ladies that you want to mess with!

I hope that I'll get to meet her and her husband in the neighborhood soon.
photos:, and Koralie's Flickr page

Femme Fatale

Kidrobot's Fatale Dunny series is out today. You might have seen mine on this blog before, I really love this series not because I'm in it but all the ladies are very creative with their accessories! Here are some of my favorite ones, Koralie's (above) is my no.1 fave, it was love at first sight, I also love the custom Munny that she did for this show.

Mine (under the name CW)

Catalina Estrada

Amy Ruppel (I promise the front is very cute too but I love the wings!)

Alex Anderson

Tara McPherson
photos: Kidrobot

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lily, where do these sandals come from?

As always, I adore Lily's Sunshine and Shadow. I love that she's doing more patterns, I especially love the floral, very different from the geometrics that she's known for! But I am crazy about these colorful sandals that she used for this photo shoot, where are they from???photos:

New Obsession

Olaf Breuning's website is loads of fun.
Also take a peek at his studio

images:, the selby

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sounds Like Brooklyn

I love Brooklyn and and I love Les Savy Fav, so naturally I am going to see them at BAM this friday night! Vivian Girls will be the opening band for them. It is part of the Sounds Like Brooklyn Festival, a 2 week festival that celebrates Brooklyn-based bands. There will be more than 60 shows at 15 different venues in Brooklyn. Go here to check out the list of bands and shows, and hope to see you at one of these shows!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Dunny

I called it Big n Small because as you can see the mama bird has her baby bird, and the big Dunny has his baby Dunny pull toy! The original Big n Small Dunny was a custom hand painted 20" Dunny that I did a few years back (below), I was so happy that Kidrobot decided to make a 3 inch version of it. This Dunny is part of the Dunny Fatale series that will be available next week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Imogene + Willie

One of the most interesting stores we visited in Nashville was Imogene + Willie, located in the 12South district. The store is beautiful, the owners turned this former gas station into a jeans workshop, retail store that carries new and vintage clothes, and this is where you can get a really good pair of custom made jeans. If I had $300 dollars to spare I would definitely get a pair in raw denim and wear them to death! I really love their simple cross/plus sign logo that is subtly sewn into the jeans (below). I also like their signature sweatshirts (above), they are really soft and come in the best colors. At the store I saw this very pretty indigo dress (below) with the side slits on the sleeves and vintage buttons on the cuffs, wish there's a better picture of it, and I also wish that I had gotten it! I am glad that the store is in Nashville instead of big cities like NY or LA, the vibe there is very cool but friendly, the location also gives their products that Americana authenticity that people sought after. I read from their blog that a taco truck was parked outside of the store one night a week during the summer, what fun, I hope they will do it again for my next visit!
photos:, secret forts

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's New With Sanna

I've been a fan of Sanna Annukka's ever since I saw the illustrations she did for Keane's album about 3 years ago (a friend of the band's bought one of the prints which led to her first commission, to illustrate for their second album "Under the Iron Sea"). I revisited her new website and found lots and lots of stuff that I want to buy, especially the silk screen prints! Everything from the site is beautifully photographed as well, I'm happy to see the full range of her Marimekko line, I wish that the squirrel cookie cutter were available in the US ! And how cool is the invite for the launch of the line?! (Art directed by Chris Bolton) Go to her Press section and you will find a feature on her cute home from a Finnish interior design magazine-

Monday, January 11, 2010

Available Now

2 Gocco prints, Toggles and Brooklyn Town, on Etsy.

Toggles is probably the funniest squirrel I have ever done, I can't help laughing every time I see him!

Brooklyn Town features some of the famous landmarks in different parts of Brooklyn, and it comes with a little guide telling you what and where these buildings are in Brooklyn.

Some of my friends are wondering what happened to CHetCH and why we haven't been updating the merchandise. Chad and I are working on the official re-launch of the shop, and we'll be selling lots of stuff from our antique shopping trip over Christmas, more exclusive arts and products made for CHetCH! So stay tuned!
Check out the website and email me if you would like to collaborate ;-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Road Trip

I've been back from the road trip on the 28th, but I took a really long break from the computer, I did not look at a single blog while I was away and I did not miss it. But since I have a blog and I need to know what in the world are we living in, I am back to my old self and going on 30 blogs a day!

About my road trip, it was really fun, and I enjoyed every moment of it, Chad my husband was the driver who never complained the whole time we're on the road! Here are some of the highlights of the trip, I regret not taking as many pictures, especially in Nashville, if I wasn't sick to my stomach most of the time I would have
(thanks to the chicken parmigian dinner in Maryland!).

Day 1- We left Brooklyn for some antiquing near Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. We made a stop at Cabela's- the super store for hunting gear, woohoo! For a lifetime city girl I was very intimidated, actually a little frightened, but the taxidermied wild animals won me over! The place is HUGE, I could have spent hours on looking at camping gear and cookware! In Shartlesville we went to Roadside America, the place I most looked forward to, it's a miniature village of all things you'd see in the Northeast of American roadside. It's basically a room of about 3000 square feet with lots and lots of miniature houses, animals, farms, and trains. All the the trains there work and some can be operated by the visitors! You can read all about it here and see more pictures here. It was really too many cool things to look at in one place, I'm seeing new things in these pictures that I didn't pay attention to while I was there!

We drove for another 3 hours and decided to call it a night and stayed at Cumberland Maryland. We were gong to Lexington and Roanoke Virginia for more antiquing, but we were expecting a huge snow storm there so we took a different route.

Day 2- The storm hit Cumberland as well, we got more snow than expected so we were snowed in for the day. It was actually a blessing in disguise because I was pretty sick from the dinner that I had the night before (that chicken parm!!!!), so it was nice to relax and lay in bed all day. We actually had fun watching corny holiday movies all day! Day 3- Back on the road and on our way to Kentucky. The snow stopped and the sun was out (for a short short time!) The snow made all the trees even more beautiful and Christmasy! We did not do much that day because we had to catch up on the drive in order to make it to Nashville our destination the next day. There's a mom in that town who could not wait to see her son!

Day 4- We spent an hour in Louisville, Kentucky. We did pretty well antiquing there! Our original plan was to go to Dollywood before heading to Nashville, but we realized that it's more of a theme park with roller coaster rides and it was probably closed anyway, so I guess I won't be going to Dollywood anytime soon. A few more hours of drive, we made it to Nashville!

Day 4 - 8 I don't have many pictures of Nashville because I got even more sick while I was there... but here are some things that caught my attention at the antique malls.

Day 9- We left Nashville really early for Roanoke Virginia. It took about 6.5 hours to get there and we got some pretty good stuff at the antique mall, so it was well worth the trip! We drove for another few hours and we spent a night in Winchester, Va. We did pretty well with time and not too worried about returning our rental car tomorrow night!

Day 10- Off to Pennsylvania again! We went to Fayetteville and Allentown for more antiquing (yes the roadtrip was all about antiquing for our online store, by the time we made it to our last antique mall we were pretty much done with our shopping and done with the trip. We headed back to Brooklyn, but not without being stuck in traffic at the Holland Tunnel entrance for 1.5 hour!

I must apologize for this super long post, but I doubt that many of you have made it to this line. This post is to make up all the days that I have not blogged. I will try to post more soon, and will try not to talk about myself too much!