Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kidrobot Apparel

I've been avoiding to write about Kidrobot, but I can't help it. Their apparel lines are getting better and better, they are starting to have things that I actually want to wear, like the Junko Kitty sweatshirt with a flattering wider neckline and slimmer body. I hope that there'll be cool jackets for the ladies, like the Spiewak x KR M-65 Field Coat in purple. And I LOVE the Tilt Thought Bubble sweater in purple for men. That's right, men should not be afraid to wear purple, it is a sexy color if it's done right!

Deborah van der Schaaf

I am so excited to post this because I hate to write about people that you have already seen in other blogs. Today I introduce you Deborah van der Schaaf from Rotterdam, Holland. I met her through Etsy, she was going to buy my print but ended up trading our portfolios and infos. She graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy 5 years ago and has been doing some really beautiful editorial works. I like how she is highly skilled in different media and her illustrations are cleverly conceptual, and cute. The flies illustration comes from a Dutch expression "to make an elephant out of a fly", meaning to make a big deal of something unimportant, it was used for an article on gossip news. Click on the picture for a larger image, connect the red dots (with your eyes) and you will see the silhouette of an elephant!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where's Tommy?

He's in Beijing, hair has gotten so long!!! Pic via The Sartorialist.
Lane Crawford is an amazing department store, which I will write about soon.

I Heart Jalouse Magazine

I've been a fan of the mag for years. I love that it has lots of features on modern arts and design, it's very in tune with the current pop culture but never overboard with the edgy stuff. I would describe the fashion style of Jalouse as girly but tough. The US version did not do very well when it launched in 2001, I think it only lasted for a few issues. My only complaint about the mag is that it always has some Hollywood starlet on the cover (not shown in this blog). If you're in New York, it's hard to get the latest issue at newsstands, it's always at least a month behind! Please write me if you know a place where I could get new issue of Jalouse when it's still hot and current!

The movie I simply can't wait to see

Be Kind Rewind is it! Jack Black, Mos Def and Michel Gondry, I don't even need to explain why you must go see it! It's not coming out until Jan. 25th 2008, in the meantime, check out the trailer.

Monday, October 29, 2007

How to Hang Your Wall Art

I just saw this pic on Apartment Therapy and gave me a good idea on how to "hang" my 8"x10" prints. Since our walls are impossible to drill any holes into, our only option is to use adhesive tape with velcro. The frames used in this picture seem light-weight, inexpensive and stylish enough for sticking a velcro in the back. It's better than leaning frames against the books and being afraid that they would fall!

New Traditionals

No longer a rivalry between modern and traditional, in November issue of Elle Decoration, the traditional furniture has a sleeker silhouette and made of unconventional materials, and the modern pieces are covered in classical motifs. My favorite pieces- Studio Job paper floor lamp, Kiki Van Eijk rocking chair, and the dotted throw by Gervasoni.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Talented Flickr Friend Pt.1

This could be part one of many, since there are lots of great people on Flickr, today I found Badecca. I looked at her pics, and was so delighted to see these beautiful quilted and embroidered pillows that she made. I don't know anything about Badecca, I know she lives in Brooklyn, very talented, and I like her slightly weird designs (weird in a very good way!). I also visited her blog- Swallow Designs, hoping that she would mention where she sells the Bunny Pillow and the Sparrow Pillow, if I have that info I will post it here, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dutch Uncle

Dutch Uncle is possibly the coolest illustration agency on earth! Their impressive roster of artists includes:
Aesthetic Apparatus (Gomez illustration above)

Kustaa Saksi
Adam McCauley, just to name a few.

I believe there is no actual Dutch uncle involved in the operation, they're not even based in Holland, their offices are in London, Copenhagen, and Tokyo. Wish they would open an office in New York!

Need your comments!

I'm no writer but I do love writing this blog, and I need feedbacks from you guys. You don't have to be nice, I need your honest opinion, it's helpful to hear what others think when they look at my blog, 'coz I think it's MAGNIFIQUE and I could be so wrong! Please do spread the word out and get your friends to check out my blog.

At this stage I'm going to write a lot about my talented friends and anything inspiring, cute, or even ridiculous. There's a "comments" link right below this blog entry where you can leave your comments, see it? Go on, click and type away!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Himalayan Writing Pads

Last Saturday I made a trip to Pearl River for some jasmine tea leaves and I ended up getting these incredible writing pads from Nepal! These hand made pads are so stylish, the blue dove reminds me of Matisse from his Cรดte D'Azur days and the Sun dial reminds me of old Italian stationery, love that red!!! The paper is also hand made, you can see the pulpy texture, but it's very light weight, each page has the little icon stamped on the upper left corner. On the back of the pad has the info on "Shakti Blue", it says "Fair Trade, Equal Opportunity, and Profit Sharing". Sounds amazing, so I had to Google it. Shakti Blue is part of a Sangha Fair Trade store that employs Tibetan refugee community to make their journals.

Sangha is a sanscrit word meaning "spiritual community", it
is a Fair Trade Store, a community enrichment center, and a World Service Organization.

I learn something new everyday, and now I feel guilty that they are only $1.25 for the small pad, and $2 for the large one. Next time you go to Pearl River, go stock up on these little treasures and demand that they get more of them!

Les Deadly Savy Squire...Fav

Les Savy Fav rocks, if you haven't heard of them, you should check out their music here, I suggest you try "The Sweat Descends". And did you know the front man Tim Harrington is also a painter and part of a design team called Deadly Squire? He and his wife Anna are behind the team, they have designed some cute patterns for their wide range of products like neck tie, dog bed, baby bibs, and place mats. It was my friend Kara who told me that Tim of DS is in the band and I was completely fascinated by the fact that he's a design nerd but also a super punk rock star! Their shows are always so full of surprises, Tim goes through an average of 3 costume changes, one more outrageous than the other, and he loves to mix in with the crowd, I mean walking towards the middle of the crowd and offering them cake! And did I mention their music kicks ass??? I'm so happy that my favorite radio station KEXP often plays their tracks from the new album!

Free Album Download!

While I was researching for the Les Savy Fav piece, I came across this link to an incredible compilation cd called "Warm & Scratchy" that is completely free for downloading! Thanks Adult Swim!!! it features Les Savy Fav, TV On the Radio, The Rapture, Asobi Seksu, and more. It's perfect as your Monday work music, and can you believe that it's free?!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Barnaby Barford

I don't usually look at Wallpaper magazine at newsstands but I'm glad I did yesterday! Instead of having computer artists to interpret a fashion story (that was what inspired me to get into the business!), they invited a London-based ceramicist Barnaby Barford to create one-of-a-kind figurines wearing high-fashion from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Missoni . His work resembles the Baroque Nymphenburg Porcelain or the serene Lladro figurines but f**ked up with the pop-culture references, and it works. They are witty but not overdone, the seals below look like they've been wearing Nike and Evisu all their lives, don't they?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jamie Oliver

Ok I admit that I'm the last person on earth who discovers how good this guy's show The Naked Chef is, thanks to BBC America airing old episodes on weekends! Even Chad finds it fun to watch! I went to his website to see what he's up to, he now has 5 restaurants and an events company, and still writing tons of cookbooks which will be on my holiday wish list.
You can find some really good and simple recipes here. The maltesers and ice cream is the easiest thing to make but, what a great idea! I love Maltesers (every person from Hong Kong were Maltesers addicts when they were young, they are like Whoppers in the U.S. but much better)!

What's so good about his food is that he strips his ingredients down to the bare essentials, nothing fancy, and some of the recipes may look a bit complicated, but once you read the instructions, you too think that you can cook like Jamie!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GOOD Magazine

Back in April, I was at a newsstand at JFK looking for a magazine that I could actually read for more than an hour, so I picked up Vanity Fair which I rarely buy, some other mag that I don't even remember, and GOOD- it was love at first read! I love the way it looks, the way it feels in my hands, its content, its sense of humor, its writing style, etc. They call themselves "a magazine that gives a damn , it is a platform for the ideas, people, and businesses that are driving change in the world", and so it's perfect for a busy body like me. With graphics designed by different design crew every issue i.e. We Work For Them and Future Farmers, you'd really want to look at any chart in the magazine and enjoy it.
The only thing that is NOT GOOD is it's hard to find at newsstands, I was looking for it for months and one day I decided to subscribe to it. And you know what? By subscribing to the magazine, you are really doing something good, because 100% of your money goes to the charity of your choice!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tsang Kin-Wah

If you're in New York, this week you must go see Tsang Kin-Wah's solo show at Yvon Lambert gallery. It's his first solo show in New York. From afar you might say that it's a pretty pattern, but look closely and you will see that these flowers are not as sweet as they appear at first glance. The show ends this Saturday.



Yvon Lambert New York, Project Space

564 W. 25th Street, New York

I finally have a blog!!!!

Hello everyone! I finally gave in and got myself a blog! After reading a number of design blogs regularly, I got inspired to do one, at this early stage I'm going to feature a lot of my talented friends' works, and hopefully I'll make more friends through the site and have their works featured. So please spread the word, and come back often! xoxo, Wonting, a.k.a. Christine.