Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Goot!

I like looking at Josh Goot's Spring 2010 Collection because it's like looking at cool graphics on ffffound. It's interesting to see how bold geometric graphics and bright colors are translated into apparel, I find them extremely appealing and cheerful, we all need some of that these days, don't we?! photos: and

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty Ropey

I'm loving these jewelry pieces created by artist Orly Genger and jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer. What a great idea to make jewelry out of climbing ropes that are naturally beautiful and come in vibrant colors! This bracelet in blue and white (below) is my favorite! But I wonder how heavy is the necklace???images:

Want And Need

Have you noticed how good Zara is this season? It's hard to decide what to buy there, I tried on the boots in the first picture, they are so cool and I need to get them my size! The trickiest thing to shop there is to find things your size, because although autumn has just begun a lot of the styles are already sold out, so you must go there immediately!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Just Had an OMG Moment...

... when I saw the Sound Burger here. I had red one when I was a bratty tween, OMG!!! I have completely forgotten about it and have never heard anyone ever mentioning a thing about it until now! It was totally a toy because the sound quality wasn't good and although it's portable you really can't walk with it while the record is playing. I loved it regardless because it's so darn cute!


I am a huge fan of Garance Doré's illustrations, I love how she blends traditional fashion illustration with fun Parisian attitude. Her quick-sketchiness style seems so effortless but happen to be beautiful, just like the people she often photographs for her blog. I actually prefer seeing her illustrations over the photos because they express her very own chic sense of style and her girls have the most graceful hands!!! She totally inspires me to sketch and post them here, although mine will be not be fashionable. In case you didn't know, Garance is also a great photographer who shoots fashionable people across the globe for her blog.images:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Branquinho X Delvaux

One of my favorite Belgian designers, Veronique Branquinho, whose fashion house folded earlier this year, has found a new home! She is now the Artistic Director at Delvaux, a 200 year-old family-run luxury leather goods company in Belgium. For the Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection, Delvaux introduced 3 of Branquinho's bags that were originally developed for her fashion line. I really love this bag called Message Ambigu that looks like an envelope, it's very clean and sharp, the adjustable strap allows you to wear it across your chest or over your shoulder (which is more chic!). I also love the muted color she often uses in her designs.
images: Delvaux and

Lyrics by Jean Julien

This book by Jean Julian is entirely handmade and silkscreened by Eugene and Pauline. All the artworks are really funny and smart but I have to admit that the cover is my favorite thing about the book. Only 100 copies are made, for 45 Euros it is really a bargain!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Janine Rewell

Another Scandinavian illustrator to look out for is Janine Rewell from Finland. Her style reminds me a little of Sanna Annukka's- they both like to use geometric shapes and Scandinavian folkloric elements in their works, but you will find more humor in Janine's work. I love the current trend of putting 2D illustration in a 3D setting, like the doll house (above), how adorable is that chandelier?!images: Janine Rewell

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crushing on James May

What's not to like about James May? He hosts the coolest car show on earth- Top Gear, where he gets to drive lots of incredible cars (and sometimes wreck them) for a living!

He gets even more likable when we get to his personal projects that involve his favorite childhood toys, his love of gardening and wine (which he constantly gets teased at by his Top Gear co-hosts). He and hundreds of volunteers helped created a garden made entirely of Plasticine modeling clay for the Chelsea Flower show back in Spring.

And his most recent project, which is the dreamiest job ever, is to build a house entirely of lego blocks and gets to live in it for 3 days! It's a 2 story house located in a vineyard in Surrey, England, the house comes with a bed, toilet, kitchen, the whole nine! I'm curious to see if there will be any cool furniture inside. It's due to complete this weekend, and if I live in England I would definitely go see it in person, I would have even volunteered to build the house!

When he's not hosting some car show or playing with childhood toys, he even finds time to go fly to the edge of space, 70,000 feet above ground in a U-2 spy plane, see the clip here:

sources:, geeksugar,, youtube

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Mobile Office

I'm imagining what this giant leather steamer trunk office would look like in my home, I love the mobility of it and how cool is it to have a giant luggage as your office?! You can get yours at Restoration Hardware.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Creators Only

I'm sure you've been to a lot of store-in-stores and pop-up stores these days, but have you heard of a hotel-in-hotel? There is one called Creators Inn by Elvine and the hotel-in-hotel is inside Hotel Scandic Malmen in Stockholm. It's not just a hotel room for anybody, it's only opened for a limited time- from August 1 to September 13, and get this, it's free, if you're a designer of some sort! You have to register for it and explain what kind of creative things you'll be doing during your stay how you can benefit from this trip. I would imagine that it's not easy to be selected for a free stay since it's only open for a few weeks. Let's take a look at the room:

It's not just a room, it's the size of a nice hotel suite, with a living room, a study, and a bedroom. The decor is cozy, simple and fun, kind of like the Ace Hotel. I really like the rugs in the living room.
The hotel also provides a list of contacts that you can call up if you need someone to go out with. There are also clothes and bike rental available for use. Great ideas!!! I would love to see this concept appear in other cities soon, even if they charge for the room, it would still work and be in high demand.