Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Only Print I Want...

... is this, Star Spangled Shadows by Faile, but can't, coz it's sold out. Better luck next time!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh Charlotte

I am a huge fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg's. I love her quirky look, her voice, her acting, and now her music! I can't wait for her new album "IRM" to come out, it's produced by Beck, download the title song here now!

If I Am Going To Dress Up This Halloween

Nuts For Glass Squirrels

I saw a couple of these glass bowls at Moss yesterday and I was amazed how animated the fish and squirrels look in glass. These glass bowls are made by Tittot from Taiwan using the lost wax technique, it involves 50 interconnected steps to create one bowl, you can read more about it here. Each bowl is available in limited edition of 388, a number that symbolizes good fortune in Chinese culture. Obviously my favorites are the squirrel bowls, but the fish ones look so real that they look almost like there are actually fish swimming inside!pictures:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Skull Crazed

I have a thing for skull, simply because we all have one and it celebrates life and death. We have a little skull collection at home (only human skulls, but none of them is real), these porcelain masterpieces from Nymphenburg are just asking for trouble, especially the simple white one with the gold chain (top pic) by Patrik Muff. Might have to treat myself one of those... Nymphenburg is a 260 year-old fine porcelain maker from Germany, each piece of its porcelain is a real piece of art. They have commissioned some of my design heroes like Hella Jungerius and Ted Muehling (seed vessel, above) to create contemporary pieces for the company. I love everything that I saw on their website but here are a couple of the pieces that caught my eye.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salvor Projects

Tonight is the 10th Annual National Design Awards Gala, I am so happy to see that Salvor Projects is one of the finalists in the Product Design category, well done! I'm sure you have seen the giant eye scarf before, for Spring they have the tiger scarf, I love the super large scale of these prints because once worn they become a subtle and beautiful pattern! Ross Menuez has also designed some pretty cool products for the home, like the very popular animal shaped cushions, and this Icosa Lamp (below) made of rice paper. Also, if you are in NYC, take advantage of the free admission at Cooper Hewitt Museum this week, which is celebrating the 10 years of National Design Awards.Photos: Salvor Projects,, Areaware


I don't know much about kolor but I know they are a Japanese label and they have a cool website and some pretty nice clothes, especially for guys. There are too many unflattering Hammer pants for the girls but I do like this jacket dress look, and the electric blue boots!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hortensia makes the most beautiful knitwear I've seen recently. They are 3 generations of French women raised in Peru, every piece is hand-knitted by artisans using the softest Alpaca wool, something Peru is well known for. I'm trying make this neck cuff (top pic) but with a much simplified cable in the center, with my skill set it's best to keep it simple. The twisty detail on the purple head band (above) is really gorgeous. I LOVE the vest (below), I don't know how much it cost but it should be about $400 and worth every penny because it takes some mad skill to make it so beautifully.

It's Time to Winterize

I'm knitting a scarf for myself and because I am extremely picky I can't decide what style to settle for. So I went online to do some research and I came across this really cool hooded scarf by Rogan. I like how the hood is lined with fabric. It's a machine-made scarf but I do like the idea of it, it looks so soft and cozy. Hope they will have it at their sample sale!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Great Jewelry That I Can Afford

After posting about insanely expensive products, I need to come back to planet earth and look at things that are humanly affordable, and you can always count on Etsy for that! I think this young lady Laura Lombardi makes really interesting and wearable jewelry. Her gold-dipped quartz necklaces (top 2 pics) are a hit, I am in love with this brass fringe necklace (above) made of vintage chain and brass charms. I always joke about getting a monocle so this necklace (below) is perfect for me, just add a glass and I'm all ready to read menus at restaurants!
photos: Laura Lombardi Jewelry

Wonting It

I am dreaming of wearing a ring by McCaul Goldsmiths, the twists and curves make these precious metal rings look like mini-sculptures on their own. Check out the diamond settings on these twisty rings, so amazing!!!
photos: McCaul Goldsmiths

Super Deluxe Halloween Costume

If I had 5 thousand Euro to spare I would wear this lobster dress by Heal Fashion Lab for Halloween, or maybe this gorgeous gorilla coat, all I need is a gorilla head!
photos: Heal Fashion Lab

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Acne Crush

If you read my blog before you might recall that I LOVE Acne, I want to live in the world of Acne and dressed head to toe in Acne! This article on Acne and founder Jonny Johansson in the New York Times is such a delight, I learned a cool thing about Johansson, after he was fired from his rock band for being to flamboyant, he initially made furniture, then he made crudely sewn t-shirts for friends that Wallpaper and French Vogue, which were then exploring Scandinavian design, took notice and the rest is history. This guy is ambitious and is doing much more than fashion, he has a great magazine- Acne Paper, his company also works on films, commercials and special projects, one of them is a pink pastel denim couch! If Johansson ever writes a biography I'll be the first one to buy it, this guy has a vision, without formal training in fashion, he understands the world culture (including consumerism), his clothes are like drugs that people come back for more every season. Ok, I am rambling now but you get why I love Acne, right?
photos: New York Times

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Toad" Bag

Last night Chad showed me pics of this crazy looking monster and I really didn't know what it's supposed to be. Today I looked on and saw him again, it is a "toad" (not tote) bag by Rick Owens made of brown mink fur. Maybe it's way avant garde that I'm not getting, or it's a joke that Mr. Owens is playing with his die-hard fans, but I'm hoping to see someone walking down the street holding this thousand dollar "toad" bag around!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Perfect Friday Music

This Mix Tape by Kitsuné Noir will put you in a good mood, I promise. Go on their blog they have lots and lots of mix tapes for you to download for free, I love this new one called Nothing You Can Touch, a Mixtape inspired by John Huges movies from the 80’s… but with a modern slant. I am deeply madly in love with The National's cover of Pretty in Pink, it's nothing like the original but still so beautiful and so sweet. Now go download this mix tape and dance like you're in the Breakfast Club!