Monday, March 3, 2008

What I'm Listening To Now

You must check out "Fly" by J.K. and Co.! I first heard this song from a mix cd that Chad's friend made for his store in London. The song was made in 1968 by a 15-year-old called Jay Kaye. Very little is known about the artist, he traveled from Las Vegas to Vancouver to make his first and only album- "Suddenly One Summer" with a group of session musicians. "Fly" is a very beautiful ballad with low-key vocal and melody that reminds me of "Strawberry Field". If you listened to the song without knowing about J.K.&Co., you might think that it is by a current band, like Keane or Radiohead, the song doesn't sound out-dated at all! It is impossible to find a download of this song, but you can purchase the reissue of the album here or here.

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