Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crushing on James May

What's not to like about James May? He hosts the coolest car show on earth- Top Gear, where he gets to drive lots of incredible cars (and sometimes wreck them) for a living!

He gets even more likable when we get to his personal projects that involve his favorite childhood toys, his love of gardening and wine (which he constantly gets teased at by his Top Gear co-hosts). He and hundreds of volunteers helped created a garden made entirely of Plasticine modeling clay for the Chelsea Flower show back in Spring.

And his most recent project, which is the dreamiest job ever, is to build a house entirely of lego blocks and gets to live in it for 3 days! It's a 2 story house located in a vineyard in Surrey, England, the house comes with a bed, toilet, kitchen, the whole nine! I'm curious to see if there will be any cool furniture inside. It's due to complete this weekend, and if I live in England I would definitely go see it in person, I would have even volunteered to build the house!

When he's not hosting some car show or playing with childhood toys, he even finds time to go fly to the edge of space, 70,000 feet above ground in a U-2 spy plane, see the clip here:

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*gemmifer* said...

I've never seen his show (not a channel I get), but my coworker has raved about it. He seems pretty awesome! I'd love to see that Lego house in person...