Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OC Tokyo- A Report from A Guest Blogger

Hi, it's Chad, Christine asked me to write a quick report for her about the Tokyo Opening Ceremony store. I used my new Digital Harinezumi camera so excuse the "vintage-ness" of the pics.

The store is an astounding 8 floors, it's in between Seibu and Parco if you are familiar with Shubiya, it's a great space. They did an incredible job with the store design, both on the layout and even down to the fixture level.
The 3rd floor features all the fixtures cut in half, it is very interesting, I loved the table cut in half (above).

Each floor had some kind of glass case built into an animal, ostrich, bears, even bird dogs. Here is the bear one...

There was even an Other Music outpost, very cool.
This floor was probably my favorite, the "ruins" of the brick walls, the lamb fixture unit, and this great stool/chair merger, very nicely built.
The after party included my favorite dj's Lindsey and Miles (the Hump) who played a nice Bass set, including my boo, and KP and Envyi, woot. A live performance by Julian Casablancas from The Strokes and his new project, Brooklyn up and coming band Growing, and more dj fun from Andrew Kuo, and Leo Fitzpatrick.JC

The Growing

The flyer
OC official pics here...

story/photos: Chad

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