Friday, October 23, 2009

Skull Crazed

I have a thing for skull, simply because we all have one and it celebrates life and death. We have a little skull collection at home (only human skulls, but none of them is real), these porcelain masterpieces from Nymphenburg are just asking for trouble, especially the simple white one with the gold chain (top pic) by Patrik Muff. Might have to treat myself one of those... Nymphenburg is a 260 year-old fine porcelain maker from Germany, each piece of its porcelain is a real piece of art. They have commissioned some of my design heroes like Hella Jungerius and Ted Muehling (seed vessel, above) to create contemporary pieces for the company. I love everything that I saw on their website but here are a couple of the pieces that caught my eye.

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Floren said...

Alexander McQueen Loves Skulls too! :D

Always Beautiful things!