Thursday, October 15, 2009

Acne Crush

If you read my blog before you might recall that I LOVE Acne, I want to live in the world of Acne and dressed head to toe in Acne! This article on Acne and founder Jonny Johansson in the New York Times is such a delight, I learned a cool thing about Johansson, after he was fired from his rock band for being to flamboyant, he initially made furniture, then he made crudely sewn t-shirts for friends that Wallpaper and French Vogue, which were then exploring Scandinavian design, took notice and the rest is history. This guy is ambitious and is doing much more than fashion, he has a great magazine- Acne Paper, his company also works on films, commercials and special projects, one of them is a pink pastel denim couch! If Johansson ever writes a biography I'll be the first one to buy it, this guy has a vision, without formal training in fashion, he understands the world culture (including consumerism), his clothes are like drugs that people come back for more every season. Ok, I am rambling now but you get why I love Acne, right?
photos: New York Times

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