Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy Weekend!

We are going to Beacon for the Limited Run show at Open Space Gallery, where my prints, a couple of items from CHetCH, as well as my friend Alex's postcard set will be shown there. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I hope that other Brooklyn artists will be there as well.

I just got this email about a Fort Greene Holiday Sale (see above), I must check it out before we go upstate. You will find my friend Lily of Sunshine and Shadow's beautiful clothes, and I am excited to see some handmade jewelry by Aesa, plus lots of artworks by local artists. I can't pass on this sale since it's only a few blocks away, right?!

On Sunday, I'm planning on baking some holiday squirrel cookies, but before that I will go to Divine Studio's Holiday Craft sale, mainly for Michelle of Hortensia's handcrafted knitwear, which I have mentioned on this blog before.

p.s. Come back next Tuesday for my favorite part of this blog- Five Whats. My guest is going to be- ta da... Michelle from Hortensia! I just LOVE her knitwear and the way she runs her business with her mom remotely, her in New York, mom in Peru. So come back for the delightful Q&A session then! Have a fun weekend and stay warm, it is absolutely freezing in New York!!!

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