Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop Red At CHetCH!

New print this week- Rainbow Chart by Shannon Lucy, a CHetCH exclusive. This is a print of an original painting, it is printed on textured art paper to maintain the aged look of the original. Shannon has had a few solo gallery shows in New York and her works have been sold to some pretty high profile people, like this guy. We are so lucky to have this painting at home, and now, this Rainbow Chart! Only 50 prints are available.

Another CHetCH exclusive, a festive version of the Skull print by Faiyaz Jafri. We have the black version at home but I think the red one is perfect as a holiday gift, well, for those who are into skulls. Only 25 available!

Riding Hat, made to order by Siu Yin Chau. Silly me, I used the wrong picture on the site and this blog for weeks and didn't notice that it's different from the riding hat that I wear all the time! Anyways, here is the hat and I LOVE it, I'm really into red lately and this is another accessory that will go well with my usual dark outfits!

Memphis necklace made by CHetCH. Another red accessory that I can wear with my dark outfits, we created this cluster as a tribute to Memphis, the architecture design movement in the 1980's.

Watermelon USB Drive. This slice of watermelon looks so real and juicy that I actually had mistakenly picked it up and thought it was real! It holds 4GB of space and comes in a tin case, only 3 left.

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