Friday, December 11, 2009

Russ & Daughters

I'm not Jewish but I have many friends who celebrate this holiday, so Happy Hanukkah! I looked up Russ & Daughters' website because I LOVE their whitefish salad on my bagel, and wow I was impressed by how great looking the site it! The logo says everything about them, what a cute fish!!! Look at the potato latkes, the smoked salmon, and I want to get that caviar just for the packaging. Everything on there is to die for, and that is why it has been in business since 1914, you must go to the Lower East Side store when you visit New York!

white fish salad on bagel


potato latkes, smoked salmon and caviar

photos: russ & daughters

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*gemmifer* said...

Whitefish salad is HEAVEN, especially on a lightly toasted bialy... YUM! Shame it's sort of pricey or I'd eat so much more of it.