Monday, December 14, 2009

Limited Run 3

Mike Perry


This is the third year I'm showing at Open Space, I did a couple of prints (this and this) for the show, there is a picture of me standing next to the prints but my eyes are closed so, sorry no pic! I am pretty happy with the new prints but when placed next to other prints mine look so small, that is the drawback of printing with Gocco, the largest size I can do is an 8" x 10". But regardless, my prints did pretty well at the opening, that makes me happy. We bought a few things from the show, I picked the Mike Perry print (op art print above), Chad and I are huge fans of this print of a line drawing by Bryce, I was so fortunate to have the chance to meet him and had his picture taken, here it is: Yes, this young man is the artist, his name is Bryce. He is working on a book of poems that he wrote AND illustrated, and I didn't even dare to ask how old he is, is he even 10?! Chad and I are starting a collection of Bryce's work now because, mark my word, he is going to be BIG one day, probably soon!

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