Thursday, January 7, 2010

Road Trip

I've been back from the road trip on the 28th, but I took a really long break from the computer, I did not look at a single blog while I was away and I did not miss it. But since I have a blog and I need to know what in the world are we living in, I am back to my old self and going on 30 blogs a day!

About my road trip, it was really fun, and I enjoyed every moment of it, Chad my husband was the driver who never complained the whole time we're on the road! Here are some of the highlights of the trip, I regret not taking as many pictures, especially in Nashville, if I wasn't sick to my stomach most of the time I would have
(thanks to the chicken parmigian dinner in Maryland!).

Day 1- We left Brooklyn for some antiquing near Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. We made a stop at Cabela's- the super store for hunting gear, woohoo! For a lifetime city girl I was very intimidated, actually a little frightened, but the taxidermied wild animals won me over! The place is HUGE, I could have spent hours on looking at camping gear and cookware! In Shartlesville we went to Roadside America, the place I most looked forward to, it's a miniature village of all things you'd see in the Northeast of American roadside. It's basically a room of about 3000 square feet with lots and lots of miniature houses, animals, farms, and trains. All the the trains there work and some can be operated by the visitors! You can read all about it here and see more pictures here. It was really too many cool things to look at in one place, I'm seeing new things in these pictures that I didn't pay attention to while I was there!

We drove for another 3 hours and decided to call it a night and stayed at Cumberland Maryland. We were gong to Lexington and Roanoke Virginia for more antiquing, but we were expecting a huge snow storm there so we took a different route.

Day 2- The storm hit Cumberland as well, we got more snow than expected so we were snowed in for the day. It was actually a blessing in disguise because I was pretty sick from the dinner that I had the night before (that chicken parm!!!!), so it was nice to relax and lay in bed all day. We actually had fun watching corny holiday movies all day! Day 3- Back on the road and on our way to Kentucky. The snow stopped and the sun was out (for a short short time!) The snow made all the trees even more beautiful and Christmasy! We did not do much that day because we had to catch up on the drive in order to make it to Nashville our destination the next day. There's a mom in that town who could not wait to see her son!

Day 4- We spent an hour in Louisville, Kentucky. We did pretty well antiquing there! Our original plan was to go to Dollywood before heading to Nashville, but we realized that it's more of a theme park with roller coaster rides and it was probably closed anyway, so I guess I won't be going to Dollywood anytime soon. A few more hours of drive, we made it to Nashville!

Day 4 - 8 I don't have many pictures of Nashville because I got even more sick while I was there... but here are some things that caught my attention at the antique malls.

Day 9- We left Nashville really early for Roanoke Virginia. It took about 6.5 hours to get there and we got some pretty good stuff at the antique mall, so it was well worth the trip! We drove for another few hours and we spent a night in Winchester, Va. We did pretty well with time and not too worried about returning our rental car tomorrow night!

Day 10- Off to Pennsylvania again! We went to Fayetteville and Allentown for more antiquing (yes the roadtrip was all about antiquing for our online store, by the time we made it to our last antique mall we were pretty much done with our shopping and done with the trip. We headed back to Brooklyn, but not without being stuck in traffic at the Holland Tunnel entrance for 1.5 hour!

I must apologize for this super long post, but I doubt that many of you have made it to this line. This post is to make up all the days that I have not blogged. I will try to post more soon, and will try not to talk about myself too much!

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