Thursday, January 28, 2010

Femme Fatale

Kidrobot's Fatale Dunny series is out today. You might have seen mine on this blog before, I really love this series not because I'm in it but all the ladies are very creative with their accessories! Here are some of my favorite ones, Koralie's (above) is my no.1 fave, it was love at first sight, I also love the custom Munny that she did for this show.

Mine (under the name CW)

Catalina Estrada

Amy Ruppel (I promise the front is very cute too but I love the wings!)

Alex Anderson

Tara McPherson
photos: Kidrobot

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@my said...

Nice pic! Maybe one of these days KidRobot will send me my APs so I can see one in person ;)
Thanks for posting!! I love how the wings turned out.