Thursday, January 14, 2010

Imogene + Willie

One of the most interesting stores we visited in Nashville was Imogene + Willie, located in the 12South district. The store is beautiful, the owners turned this former gas station into a jeans workshop, retail store that carries new and vintage clothes, and this is where you can get a really good pair of custom made jeans. If I had $300 dollars to spare I would definitely get a pair in raw denim and wear them to death! I really love their simple cross/plus sign logo that is subtly sewn into the jeans (below). I also like their signature sweatshirts (above), they are really soft and come in the best colors. At the store I saw this very pretty indigo dress (below) with the side slits on the sleeves and vintage buttons on the cuffs, wish there's a better picture of it, and I also wish that I had gotten it! I am glad that the store is in Nashville instead of big cities like NY or LA, the vibe there is very cool but friendly, the location also gives their products that Americana authenticity that people sought after. I read from their blog that a taco truck was parked outside of the store one night a week during the summer, what fun, I hope they will do it again for my next visit!
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