Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Dunny

I called it Big n Small because as you can see the mama bird has her baby bird, and the big Dunny has his baby Dunny pull toy! The original Big n Small Dunny was a custom hand painted 20" Dunny that I did a few years back (below), I was so happy that Kidrobot decided to make a 3 inch version of it. This Dunny is part of the Dunny Fatale series that will be available next week.


Carmen said...

so exciting christine!!

NooDLe said...

owww it's sooo cuteeee.
Are you going to be selling some "artist proof" ones?

wonting said...

Hi NooDLe,
I don't even have the "artist proof" ones but I do have a case of my Dunnys, so email me if you are interested in getting one :-)