Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Morning!

And I love a good cup of coffee. I use Mukka Express not for making cappuccino, but to simply make a frothy cup of espresso! I've been trying to master the art of stove top coffee making for quite some time now, I've tried every setting for grinding the beans and the coffee still came out pretty grainy. Two weeks ago I finally have it down! The instruction for this gadget said to use the pressure frothing button (on top of the lid) only when you're making cappuccino, but one day I tried to make espresso with the pressure button activated and the result was mind-blowing, nothing was broken and the coffee was perfect! It's frothy and creamy and no grains, you don't even need to add much milk to make a perfect cup of latte! So no more spending $4 on a cup of coffee for me!

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Anonymous said...

This a great product. No more having to heat the milk seperatly, buy extra accessories to froth it and then make the coffee, bring the two together. Finally a product that creates excellent capuchinos and latte fast and easy! All we have to do is sit back and enjoy it.