Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tomboy Wednesday

I usually hate all the car shows on TV, but recently I am obsessed with BBC America's Top Gear. The 3 hosts are like regular cool dudes and are so lucky to be able to test drive the sexiest automobiles ever made, like this Maserati. The best part of the show is their crazy car experiments, I just watched one episode that the 3 guys converted everyday cars into stretch limos and chauffeuring British pop stars to a music event in Central London during rush hour. The biggest challenge was they had to use European small-size cars like Alfa Romeo, Saab, and Fiat. Here is one of the frankensteins made of Fiats. This red limo is impossible to get to the back seat, since there is no back door, you need a dolly and a pully to roll you to your seat, it's stupid and hilarious! I don't want to give away the ending but you can imagine what would happen when there are no wheels in the middle of this super long limo! So if you are a 10% tomboy like me, you should definitely give Top Gear a try.

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