Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Squirnuts on the Wall

An Etsy customer sent me these pictures showing my Squirnuts print hanging on the wall, it means so much to me to see my prints living happily in their new homes. I love that the print is in an ornate old-fashioned frame, I also love that it is next to that Keep Calm poster, and what a great idea to frame several pieces of your favorite wallpaper! Thank you Spike 1520, whoever you are! Fans of my sold-out Squirnuts print, good news, I am releasing version 2 very soon!!!!


Nathalie said...

Hi !
have just found your shop on Etsy ..Fab prints !
i shared your work with Design Undercover readers :) Please let me know when you launch new designs :)

wonting said...

thank you nathalie, i checked out your blog and it's so cool!!!