Monday, November 19, 2007

Goods Of Desire

But people call it G.O.D. in Hong Kong, in Cantonese these three letters phonetically sound like "To Live Better". It is a place that I must go every time I'm in HK. For tourists it's a good place to get hip Chinese-themed gifts. For someone like me, who is only familiar with the 70's-80's Hong Kong, this is a good store to get all kinds of products that borrow elements from that era but made with a humorous twist. It's a kitschy store, and I'm not a fan of their clothing and furniture, but they really make some good housewares and textiles. Here are some of my faves, I especially LOVE the plastic camera case that is made to look like a piece of jade carving, and the "HK British passport" journal reminds me of the one I had that really confused my identity when I was little.

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