Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blogs Day

I'm having a very good press day today, which led to hitting a milestone at my etsy shop, I made my 100th sale this morning! So I think I should blog about the blogs that I'm a fan of and have been so good to me. Design Sponge- I've been a fan of D*S for 3 years now, it is like my morning cup of coffee, can't live without it. I learned about the Philip Johnson Glass House through her blog and I immediately bought tix for it (my tour is in July 2008, on my birthday!) Today Grace posted a little thing for my animal Gocco print and I feel so proud that I am on D*S!!! Bloesem- Irene is a very sweet lady from Amsterdam and lives in Kuala Lumpur. I love and want everything she posts, I think we would make really good shopping partners! Today I found that we're both fans of Hella Jungerius. I would starve for that Hella plate she posted today! Poppytalk- Jan is a big supporter of Indie artists and crafters and I am so thrilled that I've been chosen to be one of the sellers at Poppytalk Handmade December Market Place starting 12.10.2007. From Amsterdam With Love- Miss Lel is an Aussie living in Amsterdam. She was so kind to blog about my works and emailed me about it. I was so pleasantly surprised how nice her blog is, and I am flattered to be mentioned among all these amazing artists and designers i.e. Rob Ryan and Steven Harrington.
Modish- I wrote about Jena's blog last week, so happy that my prints are all over the blog! And look, she's an Etsy super star!

And thank you Teen Angster and Daniellexo of Etsy for your support!

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mrs. schultz said...

congratulations!!! 100th sale!!!
look forward to seeing more of wonting magic.