Friday, February 1, 2008

A.P.C. Does Karaoke

I admit that I wear A.P.C. clothes way too much, and I even love their Jasmine candle, it's the only candle I use and will never get tired of! And now, I can feel like a cool Parisian even when I'm singing Karaoke with this DVD! It features some of my favorites- Like A Virgin, Addicted to Love, Sheena is a Punk Rock Star, Search and Destroy, and Billie Jean. The instrumental tracks were rearranged and recorded in A.P.C.'s studio in Paris and the legendary Bill Laswell's studio in New York. These classic tunes are accompanied by beautiful scenic images of Greenland shot by Ariane Michel. I don't really know how well they go together but the concept is great, and I applaud A.P.C. for making a tasteful-looking karaoke that may convince you it's cool to sing in public.
image: A.P.C.

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