Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Favorite Magazine Show on TV

It is not easy to get up at 9am to catch CBS Sunday Morning Show, but the show really makes my day. Before I started watching the show I used to think that it's a show for "old people", but if you give it a try you'd be hooked. Why? Each week it has a segment on Art, mostly contemporary, my favorite ones are stories on Murakami, Banksy, and this week's story is on the late Charley Harper (with Todd Oldham who catalogued his work for 5 years and published an amazing book- Charley Harper- An Illustrated Life). There is also an interview with Julian Schnabel on his career as an artist and now a great director. Another favorite segment is by reporter Bill Geist, who travels to the most random places in the country discovering what these places are known for, from visiting the psychic capitol of the world- Cassadega, Florida to find out what's in the cards for 2008, to fishing on the frigid cold waterways in the capitol of ice smelt fishing- Bowdoinham, Maine. It looks much funnier than it sounds because Geist reminds me of Flanders from the Simpsons! So if you have DTV or Tivo or a morning person, make sure you catch CBS Sunday Morning, it's got everything you want to know and is a great source of interesting conversation topics for the coming work week!images: cbs


CircleALine said...

Erica and I both love this show too!! And I love the suns.

thoughtfulday said...

I LOVE this show, I look forward to it every weekend. Love the nature segments at the end. I missed today, darn, I would've loved to see the Charley Harper segment.