Friday, October 26, 2007

Talented Flickr Friend Pt.1

This could be part one of many, since there are lots of great people on Flickr, today I found Badecca. I looked at her pics, and was so delighted to see these beautiful quilted and embroidered pillows that she made. I don't know anything about Badecca, I know she lives in Brooklyn, very talented, and I like her slightly weird designs (weird in a very good way!). I also visited her blog- Swallow Designs, hoping that she would mention where she sells the Bunny Pillow and the Sparrow Pillow, if I have that info I will post it here, so stay tuned.

1 comment:

mrs. schultz said...

looks like she uses japanese fabrics :)
i love quilts and embroideries, now i am inspired to make more things!!