Monday, October 22, 2007

Les Deadly Savy Squire...Fav

Les Savy Fav rocks, if you haven't heard of them, you should check out their music here, I suggest you try "The Sweat Descends". And did you know the front man Tim Harrington is also a painter and part of a design team called Deadly Squire? He and his wife Anna are behind the team, they have designed some cute patterns for their wide range of products like neck tie, dog bed, baby bibs, and place mats. It was my friend Kara who told me that Tim of DS is in the band and I was completely fascinated by the fact that he's a design nerd but also a super punk rock star! Their shows are always so full of surprises, Tim goes through an average of 3 costume changes, one more outrageous than the other, and he loves to mix in with the crowd, I mean walking towards the middle of the crowd and offering them cake! And did I mention their music kicks ass??? I'm so happy that my favorite radio station KEXP often plays their tracks from the new album!

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