Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Heart Jalouse Magazine

I've been a fan of the mag for years. I love that it has lots of features on modern arts and design, it's very in tune with the current pop culture but never overboard with the edgy stuff. I would describe the fashion style of Jalouse as girly but tough. The US version did not do very well when it launched in 2001, I think it only lasted for a few issues. My only complaint about the mag is that it always has some Hollywood starlet on the cover (not shown in this blog). If you're in New York, it's hard to get the latest issue at newsstands, it's always at least a month behind! Please write me if you know a place where I could get new issue of Jalouse when it's still hot and current!

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La Fille en Rose said...

i just fell in love with jalouse, i'd never seen it before until i moved to france...it really is a brilliant mag, bummer about not being able to find it in the states. perhaps you could get an international subscription?