Monday, October 22, 2007

Himalayan Writing Pads

Last Saturday I made a trip to Pearl River for some jasmine tea leaves and I ended up getting these incredible writing pads from Nepal! These hand made pads are so stylish, the blue dove reminds me of Matisse from his Cรดte D'Azur days and the Sun dial reminds me of old Italian stationery, love that red!!! The paper is also hand made, you can see the pulpy texture, but it's very light weight, each page has the little icon stamped on the upper left corner. On the back of the pad has the info on "Shakti Blue", it says "Fair Trade, Equal Opportunity, and Profit Sharing". Sounds amazing, so I had to Google it. Shakti Blue is part of a Sangha Fair Trade store that employs Tibetan refugee community to make their journals.

Sangha is a sanscrit word meaning "spiritual community", it
is a Fair Trade Store, a community enrichment center, and a World Service Organization.

I learn something new everyday, and now I feel guilty that they are only $1.25 for the small pad, and $2 for the large one. Next time you go to Pearl River, go stock up on these little treasures and demand that they get more of them!

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