Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Deborah van der Schaaf

I am so excited to post this because I hate to write about people that you have already seen in other blogs. Today I introduce you Deborah van der Schaaf from Rotterdam, Holland. I met her through Etsy, she was going to buy my print but ended up trading our portfolios and infos. She graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy 5 years ago and has been doing some really beautiful editorial works. I like how she is highly skilled in different media and her illustrations are cleverly conceptual, and cute. The flies illustration comes from a Dutch expression "to make an elephant out of a fly", meaning to make a big deal of something unimportant, it was used for an article on gossip news. Click on the picture for a larger image, connect the red dots (with your eyes) and you will see the silhouette of an elephant!

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