Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jamie Oliver

Ok I admit that I'm the last person on earth who discovers how good this guy's show The Naked Chef is, thanks to BBC America airing old episodes on weekends! Even Chad finds it fun to watch! I went to his website to see what he's up to, he now has 5 restaurants and an events company, and still writing tons of cookbooks which will be on my holiday wish list.
You can find some really good and simple recipes here. The maltesers and ice cream is the easiest thing to make but, what a great idea! I love Maltesers (every person from Hong Kong were Maltesers addicts when they were young, they are like Whoppers in the U.S. but much better)!

What's so good about his food is that he strips his ingredients down to the bare essentials, nothing fancy, and some of the recipes may look a bit complicated, but once you read the instructions, you too think that you can cook like Jamie!

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