Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Talent

I was reading IDN Saturday at a newsstand and saw these amazing illustrations for Keane's album covers and I immediately came home and did a search on the artist. Her name is Sanna Annukka, she's half Finnish and half English who lives in Brighton, England. She was commissioned to do illustrations for Keane's album right after she graduated from college a couple years ago! I love that she does her artworks digitally but always silk screen her prints because she likes the vibrant quality of the inks, I agree with that. Her style reminds me of folksy Scandinavian art but she's definitely original by adding contemporary elements to the nostalgic style. You can read about her here, and you can purchase her prints at her online shop! I really want that silk screen print in metallic gold! I am now officially a big fan of Sanna's and I cannot wait to see more great things from her!!!images: and

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