Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Year of the Rat

That is the name of a lovely Badly Drawn Boy song, did you know that? But we're not talking about the band here, we're talking about my all-time favorite holiday- Chinese New Year, and this coming year (Feb, 7th) is the year of the rat. For my Etsy shop I made this print to celebrate the year dedicated to the animal I fear most in real life! But this Wonting rat is mighty cute, isn't he?! (note: the gray is actually metallic silver)Also available is my Knock On Wood- wood version, back by popular demand! I had a hard time getting the wood blocks for the last 2 months and I finally got my hands on 20 of them last week. Get yours soon because I may not sell anymore of these blocks once they're gone.

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mossy said...

I love Badly Drawn Boy almost as much as your rat - it is too cute for words! I can't help but wonder what inspired the happy chic mansard border.