Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama Silkscreen Poster

Shepard Fairey made 350 of these beautiful posters of Obama to raise money for the Senator's California campaign. Personally, I am aesthetically interested in the print more than the subject matter, but no matter what and who you support, you can purchase one on his website this Wednesday, it's $50 for the 24" x 36" print.


sweetcheese said...

I just saw a short piece on Shepard Fairey (Ovation channel) and love to see how street art can play a current role in the mainstream world.
Enjoying your blog too!

wonting said...

Thanks Tanya,
Really? I better check Ovation channel to see if it's going to air again. Another great show that regularly features the current art world, believe it or not, is CBS Sunday Morning show!