Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kitty, Miffy and My Melody...

I was in heaven! Yesterday I made a trip to Lever House to see Tom Sachs' giant Hello Kitty and Miffy fountains in bronze (but treated to look white), there's also a My Melody (the first bunny) who was my childhood fave. They are super cute, the biggest Kitty is about 3 stories tall! Inside the lobby, I also found a couple of chicklets, and some really cool mini urban objects in bronze. I read that Tom Sach didn't get permission from Sanrio- Kitty and Melody's licensor, but I can't imagine that they are not flattered by this homage to our pop icons! Click on pictures for enlargement.

1 comment:

Chen Reichert said...

weehee! the miffy fountain is adorably hilarious.

love your work by the way. I found your etsy shop today in the art showcase :)