Monday, June 2, 2008

Portable Silk Screen Machine

Don't get me wrong, I love my Gocco, but I find this Elshopo portable silk screen machine very intriguing, it uses the same screen-printing supplies that you could find at your local art store. Like a Gocco, this machine also exposes screens (using sun light), makes prints, and it has a foam pad to keep the paper or T-shirt from sliding. The unit is shaped to perfectly fit your t-shirt for silk-screening. I also like the packaging- a box with casters and cute graphic, how convenient! It is a special edition with a Japanese design crew Loworks. Now I just wish that it is not 1200 Euro (whoa that is steep!), guess I'll stick with computer love, elshopo


Jaahr said...

Is the Gocco still on sale in japan or anywhere??!

wonting said...

yes it is still available. Go to to find out more about Gocco.

wonting said...

Hey I just realized you're the peeps who designed that silk screen machine! If you're in Tokyo I heard that you can get Gocco at Tokyu Hands.