Monday, June 16, 2008

Renegade Experience

I survived my first Renegade craft fair and what an experience! I thought I was able to set up the booth by myself easily, but I was an hour behind schedule and setting up was 10 times harder in the sun and grueling heat. By time time I got the booth ready it was almost noon (one hour behind schedule) and I was exhausted and sweaty! The booth looks nice though, my booth mate Kimberly of Chez Sucre Chez provided the cute chambray table cloth and peg boards to hang our stuff. The banner that I made came out great too, but wait 'til you see what it looks like on Day 2. There was a HUGE rain storm that started around 4, and our tent was not rain-proof at all, there was water leaking through our display boards so we had to pack up before our stuff got wet. Luckily only one card got a little wet and everything else was saved by cello bags! This was my table at 5:30, how sad!!!Day 2, we came back and was relieved that our tent was still there looking good, my last minute glued on CW letters fell off so I had to safety pin them back on. There were a few showers late morning and early afternoon, then the weather got much nicer and HOT! A lot of people showed up, for a first-timer, I think I did pretty well, and met a lot of wonderful people. It was a really fun event and glad I had Kimberly as my booth mate, we've both learned a lot from this experience and we are looking forward to doing another one!

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