Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gocco's Days Are Numbered?

I recently read on Save Gocco that Riso the Japanese parent company has stopped shipment on all Gocco printers but will continue to ship Gocco supplies for the time being. This means Riso has pulled the plug on Gocco, like Polaroid cameras, so I would get as many supplies as possible and just enjoy this beautiful gadget while I still can.

The picture above is my beloved Gocco Arts and I made a small screen adapter so it fits into the slots that is intended for larger screens. Email me if you want more explanation.

Speaking of the subject, I am thinking of doing a Gocco group show, just to show Gocco some love, let me know if you would be interested in participating.


Hijiri said...

When I was in Japan last time, I bought a small Gocco and some supplies... I've been wanted to make some prints, but haven't been able to! I love your idea of having a Gocco group show - let me know more details! I might be interested... but can the beginner be a part of it, too?

Fact & Fancy said...

If you do a group show let me know! You should talk to too (aka She's the gocco queen.

jenuine said...

that's genius. i only have the pg-5, but that's definitely a good way of saving the larger screens for larger things.
a gocco show sounds incredibly interesting, i would totally take part.i know of a couple of other artists who use gocco in their work & would be interested. have you seen nigel peakes work & gocco prints?

wonting said...

Hi Jenuine, thank you for the kind words and I just checked out Nigel's works and they are amazing! I will definitely contact you when and if the show will happen :-)