Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Toronto Rocks

FOOD! I almost always judge a place I visit by its local eateries, and here are a few places that put New York to shame.
Fresh. I could not get enough of this place. It's a vegetarian chain restaurant that offers tasty and healthy food at reasonable prices. I loved their salads with their special mini fried tofu topping, kind of like crutons but more flavorful. Also do not miss their frothy lemonade, it's addictive! Owner Ruth Tal has a cook book based on the restaurant's menu, I am going to get one so I can have Fresh anytime! Terroni. I was tired and cold the first night we were in Toronto and Chad said I had to try Terroni's pasta, it's the best he's ever had. After hearing that I did not care if I'd rather head back to the hotel and sleep than waiting a half hour for a table. I tried their simplest thing on the menu, spaghetti with tomato and basil, and it was REALLY good, the pasta was al dente, wonderfully chewy texture that went perfectly well with the thick tomato sauce. Next time I will definitely treat myself a 3 course meal there, I'm sure it will be heavenly. Oh I also like their rustically pretty decor.
Saving Grace. Cute brunch place with the best French Toasts with banana and real maple syrup. I enjoyed the vibe, the people and the friendly service a lot. Beaver Tail. People have been asking me about beaver tail since I mentioned how much I liked it, and they know I don't eat any red meat. No I did not eat any beaver meat, it is only a dessert, it's basically a deep-fried yeast dough that is long and flat, kind of shaped like a you know what. And you can add toppings like cinnamon, lemon, nutella, etc. Mike and Katie of TADO got one and we all tried it out of curiosity and it was surprisingly good, it's like a flat donut. It was so good that Chad and I probably ate more than we should have, we owe Mike and Katie a greasy dessert, we'll have to buy them some deep fried chocolate bars when we see them in London. CNE- Canadian National Exhibition. It happens every mid August through Labor Day weekend. It's a festival with rides, games, shows, and yes, food! It was THE chance to eat everything that is bad for you because there was nothing else available, and it was where we devoured that beaver tail in less than 1 minute, we also shared a giant pink cotton candy with 5 other people, and to top it all off, we had more deep fried goodies called Tiny Toms (they're mini donuts)!!!

PEOPLE. I am convinced that Canadians are happier than Americans and it's all because they have free health care which they are very proud of. They are also very energetic, charming, and funny. Since flying there is such an enjoyable experience (which I will write about tomorrow), I look forward to spending more weekends in Toronto.


Pseudoangela said...

How gracious of you to be so flattering about Toronto! I have not been back to my home town for a few years now and I wonder if my favourite digs are still around.

Next visit why not try some REALLY good Chinese dim sum at Rol San on Spadina Avenue, then head over to Kensington market across the street for delicacies from around the world, and some great vintage shops such as Courage My Love. Then try the Reservoir Lounge for delicious bites and sinfully good cocktails, plus great jazz - especially on Friday nights.

Oh - and I used to be a costumed character at the CNE. I was the girl inside Marvin the Moose!

wonting said...

Hi girl inside Marvin the Moose! I did go to Kensington Market and bought a vintage dress there, and I was so tempted to buy some mangosteen in Chinatown because it is the most delicious fruit on earth! But I didn't have enough time, I'll def. go for dim sum next time, thanks for leaving a great comment!

Fact & Fancy said...

Oh! I used to live in Toronto. I wish I knew you were going - I'd give you a list of hidden gems. I must go back soon :)