Monday, September 15, 2008

Pre-London Rambles

Just found out that it's fashion week in London and now I need to really plan my wardrobe for the trip. I have nothing to do with fashion, I'm more of a nerd but I always end up going to some of those parties. I am so happy that I got my neon pink and burgundy tie-dye scarf from Sunshine and Shadow, which will look really cool with my favorite Siu Yin Chau cardigan or black blazer, a gray t-shirt, a black slouchy skirt and burgundy tights (I'm really into burgundy this season!). But I shouldn't pack too many things because I will probably end up buying second-hand clothes from places like Oxfam, I just read on that they hired the woman who made Top Shop cool to re-vamp the second-hand Charity shop. This tuk-tuk (above) is used for picking up donations, I dream that it will happen in New York one day, yes Housing Works, I'm talk to you!

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