Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yauatcha Experience

Chad, his co-worker Joanna and I walked by Yauatcha in London's Soho one day and were mesmerized by the super bright colored macaroons and cakes. So when I found out that we were going to meet Card Boy's Mark James and his wife Sheena there for lunch I was super psyched about it. It is a dim sum restaurant that uses only the best ingredients (like prawns and chive dumplings that are so moist and delicate). Everything I tasted was heavenly, for about $8 per dim sum it is more than twice the price in New York, but boy, was it worth it! My favorite was the sticky rice in lotus leaf, but even a simple dish, like sauteed choy sum, was so fresh and tasty, how did they do it?! The highlight of the meal was those macaroons, I didn't expect much from them and of course they were so delicious that I was almost in tears. Mark and Sheena were so gracious that they gave us a box of macaroons to take home, except that they didn't make it back, they were so fresh that they got mushy in a day! I dream that one day Yauatcha would open a branch in New York and I would be its most loyal customer. (Sheena and Mark, congrats and good luck!)

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