Monday, May 12, 2008

7 Travel Essentials

I am so excited that we are going to Tulum next Monday. We'll be staying at an Eco-friendly resort, electricity is turned off at midnight and of course there is no air-conditioning and TV. Here is a list of must haves for the trip.This is the best looking passport and boarding pass holder out there, it's not really a necessity but I love it!

Sketch book by Deadly Squire. Coz I need to sketch down all my inspirations while I'm in this magical Mayan paradise.

Hand-cranked radio and flash light. This is not the best one but it's what we have.

UNO and any travel board games, coz we won't be watching TV or on the computer in our cabana.

A Miranda July audio book, which you can download on iTunes or Amazon.

Mosquito Guard with no DEET. It's important to get one w/o that harmful chemical.

Citronella candles. Very useful when electricity is turned off, plus it's romantic and repels bugs.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. please say hello to the lizards in the roof of the cabana.