Friday, May 23, 2008

More Moz!

Since I am pre-writing the posts for this week, I completely OD on Moz now. So let's go straight to peeps' top five Morrissey songs.

Moira- New York City
1. I Won’t Share You
2. A rush and push and the land is ours
3. There’s a light that never goes out
4. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one
5. Death of disco dancer
I’m a sucker for “strangeways, here we come”

Chad- hubby- New York City
1. how soon is now is actually my 1-5.
6. Panic- obviously.
7. Heaven knows i'm miserable now- because really we all are, just to lesser degrees. an no one cares if "i live or die"
8. stop me if you think you've heard this one before
9. last of the famous international playboys- though in high school we use to say "flamers", instead of "famous". LOL. good times.

Wonting- NYC
1. Big Mouth Strikes Again (Dunno why but I used to listen to it everyday when I was a teenager)
2. There's a Light that Never Goes Out (My favorite line is "And if a double decker bus, crashes into us, to die by your side, is such a pleasurable way to die")
3. Reel Around the Fountain (beautiful melody, melancholic words)
4. How Soon is Now? (it's on your list too, right?)
5. Cemetry Gates (BEAUTIFUL!!! I used to be obsessed with the lyrics in this song)
photo: amazon

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