Friday, May 30, 2008

The Best Shopping Tote

I love carrying tote bags and I usually use a plain black canvas one because I have a hard time finding a good looking one. A couple weeks ago we went to MoMA shop's Destination Japan reception and saw this Roo Shopper Jellybean bag and I thought it is the perfect tote! Not only the graphic is so cool but the shape of the tote is perfect, the wider handles support the heavy content in your bag and are easy on your arm. It's made of sturdy polyester and has an outer zip pocket for your wallet or cell phone. Seems like a lot of people love this high-quality bag with a reasonable price tag, it is currently back-ordered at the MoMA online store! There are a lot more designs and styles if you go on Roo Shopper's Japanese website, I don't care for those Andy Warhol bags that are sold in the US but I heart this Campbell soup tote and the shoes shopper! Wonder if there are stores in the US that sell these bags other than MoMA?photos: moma shop, and roo shopper

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