Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Five Whats with Eleanor Grosch

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Eleanor is one of my favorite illustrators so today I'm really thrilled about today's Five Whats with her. You'll find that she's as funny and adorable as her work and what a great personality!!! Check out her wonderful prints on her website.
Without further ado, here are the Five Whats:

What do you always carry in your tote bag?
In default mode, I carry my wallet (duh!), at least two kinds of lip balm, Oldspice pure sport, and a very organized change purse. In sleepover mode there's at least a mouthguard (I grind my teeth) and my glasses, but there might also be a clean pair of undies!

What is a typical day like at the Pushmepullyou design studio?

Wake up anywhere from 8-10 with a grumbling tummy, eat bear naked granola and yogurt, let Kit (my cat) outside for a bit, look forward to lunch while I check e-mail, take care of mailing prints every third day or so, get into work mode while I semi-watch a flick (we get Netflix, and I supplement with Library selections), text message my friends to see if we can meet up for a treat, eat/drink a treat, go to the gym/trapeze class to work off the treat, have a shower, watch a flick with my boyfriend, Petey, while we eat dinner, get lured by the charm of sleepo (the clown of sleep - something like the sandman), crawl into bed and dream...
What are your inspirations?
I find that anything can turn into an inspiration. You just have to stay open to being surprised. For example, once I noticed that the way two airline magazines were lining up in their little pocket they made a really great owl face.

What is your favorite print that you've ever done?
It usually happens to be the most recent print that I've done. I just made a tiger last night that I really love!I get really proud of each one for a little while and then doubt creeps in and I remember that I may never create anything decent again. It's a horrible cycle in a way, but it does keep me on my toes.

What are your plans for the summer?

I'm planning on swimming a lot, and this year I'm going to my 10 year high-school reunion. I can't wait! It's going to be really weird and probably really nice to get reacquainted with people who also had weird hair last time I saw them.

bonus what What are your hobbies?

Alphabetizing, biking, cuddling, dancing, eating, fiddling, guessing, hand-holding, ice-creaming, jumping, kissing, LOST, making out, nuzzling, ogling, p**ping, questioning, re-questioning, snuggling, trapeze-ing, umbrella-carrying, vexing, wearing, x-rated-joking, yawning, zzzz-ing.
images: Eleanor Grosch, thank you!!!


Lorena Guerra said...

Loved it! thanks.

Eoin said...

Gotta love Eleanor!