Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Special

To celebrate Earth Day, I asked some of my good friends to share their tips on ways to help save the earth. Keep in mind that we're city busy dwellers and we're not active environmentalists, so what we practice are easy and sensible for everyone!• Eliminate unwanted catalogs (basically all of them) sent to our home by signing up for CatalogChoice.org. It's easy, once you sign up, you can choose from a long list of catalogs that you wish to opt-out. You can also call the customer service numbers on the back of the catalogs and ask to have your info removed from their mailing lists.

•Turn the lights out when you leave the room for more than 5 minutes. and buy CFL or LED bulbs.

•Unplug electronics, rather than just turning them off, if you aren't using them regularly. vampire consumption adds up. anything plugged in draws electricity.
•Use environmentally safe cleaning products, recycle your trash at home AND at work. Treehugger has wonderful Buy Green Guides that will help you live healthier, live better and live more efficiently.

•Go vegetarian! Greening your diet is better for the earth than greening your car. Livestock production is not just cruel but is one of the top two polluters in the world.

Thanks: Chad, Gal, and Nicki
images: CatalogChoice.org, Treehugger.com

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