Monday, April 21, 2008

Great Summer Tees

I was never a fan of t-shirts, but ever since I got the I Heart Toys shirt from Kidrobot (above), I want to start wearing more t-shirts this summer. These tees by Good Shape Design (above top, and below) are just what I needed, I like the colors, the graphics and the cut of the shirts. One thing the site left out is a description of the t-shirts (American Apparel? 100% cotton?), so I am going to email them to find out. But judging from the pictures they look pretty soft and have a longer body for the women's tees.
Good Shape Design also sells cool screen prints and original artworks by the proprietor Wayne Pate and guest artists. I really want this one by Tyler Askew.
images: Good Shape Design


Melanie said...

Wayne just decided to discontinue the tees, and had a $10 sale today! I think they're all gone now, unfortunately... I was too late as well. :-(

Melanie said...

nix that, the page is back up! might still be some left...