Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Five Whats with Little Friends of Printmaking

I'm so lucky to have lfop for this week's Five Whats. Melissa and James are a husband and wife team that has a lot of fun making their super cool and witty screen prints together, and they are just as cool and witty as their work! I really enjoyed reading their answers and I hope you will too:
What did you have for breakfast?
James had a hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, and I had a ham & cheese omelette with wheat toast. We went to the Harmacy, which is our affectionate name for the pharmacy down the street from us. It is maybe the only pharmacy that we've been to where you are allowed to smoke, hence "Harmacy." We only eat there once a week because we can't stand the smoke.

What is an average day like in the house of Little Friends'?
We usually wake up in the late morning, take some calls and at least try to respond to all of our emails. After breakfast we sit down to work and pretty much continue that way until evening. If we're doing any screen printing, we do it at night. I don't know why. It just seems to work better that way. Otherwise, we watch rubbish TV while we eat candy from a bowl. We usually have music playing almost all the time. We like to listen to WFMU, which is our favorite radio station. We bought a professional-quality FM transmitter so that we could listen from anywhere in the house. It's a bit of overkill because it transmits in one hundred yards in all directions, so if you want to hear what we're listening to just park your car one hundred yards or less from our house and tune into 105.5 FM. We have two cats that require a fair amount of cuddling. We almost never leave the house, except for our late-night candy runs. We usually end the day in bed, like everyone else, around 3 or 4 in the morning.

What are your inspirations?
We get a lot of inspiration from watching too much TV. Candy wrappers. Our cats and other cute animals that we see. Living in a dilapidated weird old city like Milwaukee. Traveling. Things you half-remember from childhood - those are good because the more you don't get it right, the more better it are.

What are the advantages of working with your spouse?
No one ever tells us that we need to quit this and get a real job or go to bed at a reasonable hour. It's a motivating factor that we are a rock-solid team and we want to really make it work out for each other. It's like the Jackson 5 - you really have to go out there and rock it. You can't just blow it off and be like "oh, I'm going to quit this and go join the Osmonds" or something. We are a family, dammit!

Do you guys go to a lot of concerts that you made posters for? What are you listening to these days?

We don't get to do this much anymore because most of the posters we're hired to do are for events outside our area. When we have the opportunity, it's something we really like to do. Although, there's no big payoff - it's not like people are like "oh my god, it's those guys I don't know who made the poster, I might maybe buy, maybe!" And then the crazed groupies chase us down the hallway, tearing at our clothes while security is like "MOVE MOVE MOVE." These are things that will never happen.

Listening to WFMU helps us find weird new and old stuff to listen to. We listen to a lot of Italo 12"s, which are kind of awesome because they are so stupid but also amazing. We're digging back into shoegaze music right now - there is a sort of weird musical cross-over between Italo and shoegaze, although I don't think the people making either of those kinds of music would recognize it. It makes us want to start a shoegaze band that covers "Diamond in the Night" and things like that, even though that is the exact kind of band that we hate.

bonus What: What is your favorite print/project that you guys have ever done?

The next one is always our favorite - full of promise and unspoiled by work we've done to it & future mistakes.
images: lfop, thanks Melissa for the wonderful pictures of your home and studio!


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Good stuff... nice bloggings. Check out beardcrumbs.com when ya got a sec!

Eva Jorgensen said...

i liked this post. glad i'm not the only one printing until 2 AM and then sleeping in and sitting at her computer in her pjs... or am i assuming too much?