Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Ideas from Erin and Zach

Erin and Zach are my dear friends living in Tokyo, they are both teachers at a Montessori school there. Because most people live in tiny apartments in Tokyo, they are experts in eliminating unwanted waste that would clutter their homes. (Note: The house below is not their home, it's a house near their apartment) Here are some of their great tips:
We have learned a lot from Japan. Here, instead of using paper towels, most people carry a small washcloth to dry their hands. Saves a lot of paper!!

Also, we carry our own bags to shops and if we do happen to get a plastic bag, we use it as a trash bag (instead of buying new trashbags).

Have a clothes trading party. Everyone brings their old (or new) clothes that they are tired of wearing/haven't worn in a long time/don't fit and puts them on a table or in a huge pile on the floor and then people just take what they want. The extra clothes get donated to charity.


See your CO2 footprint at one of these sites:



How many planets does it take for us to live like we do? SEE (My favorite):


Become a virtual marcher:


Check the happy planet index "Economics as if the people and the planet mattered.": http://www.happyplanetindex.org/index.htm

Watch the documentary Planet Earth. Absolutely amazing!

Or, if you still haven't seen it, An Inconvenient Truth.

Oh, and PLANT A TREE!!!! wooo hoooo!

Thank you, Erin and Zach!

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